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Visteon Village

Visteon Village is home to the global corporate offices and innovation and technical center of Visteon Corporation. Under Stacy’s and David’s leadership, this $300 million project was delivered on budget and in less than 28 months from groundbreaking to move-in date. Located on 267 acres in Van Buren Township, Michigan which includes a man-made lake and over 30 acres of wooded wetlands, Visteon Village consists of nine separate buildings lining “Main Street”, around a Village Center of shops, cafeteria, meeting facilities and fitness center. Stacy and David directed all aspects of the project including site selection and acquisition, site planning and entitlements, state, county and local incentives, selection of architects and construction managers, budget and timing, interior design, department and workflow adjacency activities, communication and organization change management, and move logistics. Visteon Village is LEED certified, and has received the AIA Detroit Honor 2006 and ESD Construction and Design Awards.


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